The only thing I wanted to change when we were in high school

Public School Dress Codes of the 1960s and 1970s

buy canada goose jacket Fashion Rules Change Every DecadeIn the Midwest during the decades of the 1960s and 1970s, fairly strict dress codes were established and followed in most public and parochial canada goose outlet online or private schools. During the 1970s, an attempt was made during university orientations to continue to canada goose outlet toronto factory outline and enforce dress codes from the 1950s and 1960s for freshmen students, but these attempts failed. By the 1980s, youth K 12 and college ages were wearing nearly anything they wanted. buy canada goose jacket

In the earlier years, it was mandatory that girls as a whole look different from boys as a group. Everyone was expected to be able to tell the difference in gender by the clothing children and high school canada goose outlet parka students wore.

To Uniform or Not to UniformAbout half canada goose jacket outlet the school in the USA have used some type of school uniform among students in order to direct more of their energies toward school work and less toward fashion, beauty, and dating. The reasons for this become clear by the time you reach the last time line video in this canada goose outlet store presentation.

In my city, the parochial school students canada goose outlet store uk show their individuality with colorful and wildly patterned canada goose outlet jackets socks with their uniforms.

The most successful public school uniforms are just regular clothing in black and white. Kids can wear white shirts, blouses, or T shirts with black slacks, skirts, canada goose outlet reviews or shorts (not short shorts), and black shoes. White socks are encouraged, but they can wear any color. This takes a lot of financial pressure off middle and lower income families, especially those with multiple children.

Canada Goose Online Kids in official canada goose outlet my city have been killed for their name brand street clothing, jackets, and shoes and the uniforms put an end to that completely in the school that chose school uniforms. Many of the other schools opted for an in school police officer on duty during school hours. Canada Goose Online

canada goose black friday sale Dress Code for Boys 1960s and 1970s (in my schools)Dress trousers or casual slacks like khakis; no jeans. Some boys wore ties with their shirts, but this was not mandatory. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose sale Hard shoes like loafers or shined shoes with shoestrings; no sports/running shoes, no sandals; and socks were required. Families used a lot of shoe polish; it was messy and smelled like petroleum. Canada Goose sale

cheap Canada Goose Shirts with buttons down the front and collars, short sleeves or long sleeves, but goose outlet canada not sleeveless (muscle shirts). Polo type shirts were OK as well, but no T shirts. cheap Canada Goose

Hair was to be cut to the ears or just above, with a cleanly edged neckline. In other words, no mullets, pig tails, “Beatle” cuts, Mohawk cuts, or outsized Afros. However, hair could be shaved short or cut to a crew cut. Boys were not permitted to shave their heads bald. No braids on boys. No letters, numbers, or pictures shaved into short hair. No unnatural colors.

Canada Goose online Jewelry canada goose outlet nyc No earrings for boys. One or two rings per hand were permitted; bracelets and neck chains were discouraged. Canada Goose online

A lot of boys carried pocket knives, as their dads and granddads had.

Actually, once in a while a boy here or there could wear jeans and go un reprimanded, because as an agricultural state, many of Ohio’s residents worked on farms and wore jeans. If I remember correctly, allowing jeans for all the boys was the first step in relaxing the school dress code in my area, followed by permission to wear tennis shoes with them not the girls, though.

Dress Code for Girls, 1960s and 1970sDresses or skirts and blouses only. No trousers or slacks of any kind. In fact, it was the early to mid 1970s before female office workers were permitted canada goose outlet to wear pantsuits in the workplace in my city and they had to be a matching jacket and slacks.

Canada Goose Parka Blouses or dresses could be either long or short sleeved, but were required to be opaque. If sleeveless, armholes had to fit closely enough so that no part of the bra and/or slip or straps could be seen. No low cut or backless dresses or blouses were permitted. No black bras under white blouses, because the bras showed canada goose outlet new york city through. No short or bare midriff blouses were allowed, but blouses could be tucked in or worn outside the waistband of a skirt. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose uk outlet The length of skirts was not much of a problem in elementary school, but after grade 6, skirts were checked regularly by school administrators. Skirts were required to touch the floor when girls kneeled on both knees at once and this was canada goose outlet in usa required of several girls every day in the hallways at class changes. Girls with skirts longer than canada goose outlet uk that length also were required to kneel. However, floor length skirts and dresses were also prohibited. We also could not wear tight skirts or skirts having slits. Mini skirts began appearing about the mid 1970s, but many schools canada goose outlet sale instituted length requirements for those and some teachers carried yardsticks to measure them. canada goose uk outlet

cheap canada goose uk Shoes Solid construction, closed toe, loafers or shoestring tied shoes. No tennis or gym shoes and no sandals. Socks were required until canada goose outlet shop high school, when socks or hose could be interchanged. cheap canada goose uk

Hair No particular requirements were set for hair other than to keep it clean and out of our eyes so we could see. Unnatural colors were discouraged, however. This is particularly funny to me now, because my mother tried an auburn rinse on my hair without doing a patch test or spot test first, and my entire head of hair turned orange. A couple more washings and it was less orange and nobody seemed to notice the next canada goose outlet online uk day.

Makeup no makeup was permitted until junior high or high school and then it was to me moderate to light. A couple of the girls wore a lot of black canada goose outlet canada mascara, but teachers let it pass (at least their hair wasn’t purple).

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Jewelry Wearing a lot of jewelry was discouraged, because school could become loud with jangling bracelets and long earrings. Moderation was the rule. One day, a 10th grade girl with pierced earrings was walking down the hall, canada goose black friday sale a boy walked by and ripped the earrings from her ears, and we saw a lot of blood. Few girls in my school wore earrings at all after that. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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canada goose coats on sale Fashion trends in school are drastically different from 1968 and 1978! We were sent home if our skirt did not end at mid knee level or below. No pants, no shorts, no tight skirts, no skirt slits. canada goose coats on sale

A hallmark of the new teen fashion seems to be skin tight jeans. It reminds me of an old Star Trek: The Original Series episode in which Kirk and Spock time travel to the Old West and a canada goose outlet resident looks at their clingy tunics and stretch pants and asks, “Are you folks with the circus?”

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uk canada goose outlet Hey, Everybody! Clothing certainly has changed. The only thing I wanted to change when we were in high school was the rule against slacks. We were canada goose factory outlet really tired of kneeling down in hallways to see if our skirts touched the floor. In the middle to end of the Viet Nam War, there were more important things to attend. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose store While teaching GED classes for over a decade, we encouraged Bermuda (or a little shorter) shorts in spring and summer, but women with bikini bathing suit tops were sent home. Baggy canada goose outlet black friday saggy pants and underwear showing are pretty silly attention getters, which also were sent home. Then one summer some women came to class with sleeveless shirts with huge armholes and no bras home again, home again, lickety split canada goose store.