Samsung and Hyundai will be there of course

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Hermes Replica They appreciate the issues involved and recognise that India will be a $2 trillion economy by 2016.”Most people don’t know that Posco has three major steel projects in India all located in Maharashtra’s Raigad district: A Rs 32.43 billion (Rs 3,243 crores) 1.8 million ton cold rolled steel mill; a Rs 6.45 billion (Rs 645 crores) 300,000 tonnes replica hermes handbags uk electrical steel sheet factory; a Rs 15 billion (Rs 1,500 crores) 450,000 tonnes galvanized steel sheet plant.The company has also established coil processing units at Chennai, Gurgaon and Pune. None of these have confronted the difficulties its signature project in Odisha has encountered.Hyundai CEO Chung Mong koo was also at the ambassador’s table at lunch, and he told Prakash that his company has invested $2.1 billion in India since 1996. Hyundai whose engineering and construction unit was headed by Lee Myung bak before he became president of South Korea manufactured 617,000 cars at its Chennai plant last year, 45% of which were exported to other markets.On Monday, the prime minister will meet with the who’s who of Korean CEOs at an event organised by the four main chambers of that country’s business and industry.Samsung and Hyundai will be there of course, as will be Tata Daewoo; the SsangYong Motor Company (in which Mahindra Mahindra has a 70% stake); Doosan (which India hopes will invest in its many infrastructure plans), and other smaller entities like Ayurveda Korea, which imports Ayurvedic products from India and blends them with traditional Korean remedies.LG, which Dr Singh mentioned in his media statement on Sunday (‘Companies such as LG, Hyundai and Samsung are already household names in India’) will, however, not be present.The likely star attraction at Monday’s meeting will be the Korea Electric Power Corporation (2010 revenues; $39.2 billion). Hermes Replica

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